DANS 2005: Mr Carlos Freitag от Петра Чеботарева. (03.11.2005)

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Dear Mr. Freitag,

My name is Peter Chebotarev. I am the IDSF judge (License A) with a many years working experience. For the long period of my adjudicating career I have judged all types of IDSF competitions in all age groups and programmes, including World championships, European championships, Grand Slam tournaments, and the most prestigious championships open to the world in many countries. If you wish to learn more about me, you may contact Heinz Spaeker who has known me for a long time.

I was urged to inquire to you for official clarification by the following situation: I got the invitation from Mr. Fred Bijster, one of the Dutch open championships Organizers, to judge this competition. From the point of view of the adjudicators panels and the invited couples, the competition in Assen is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. I accepted this invitation with great pleasure and asked the Organizers to send the official invitation from the Dutch IDSF National Body (N.A.D.B.) to the Russian Dance Sport Federation (DSFR) and a copy to my private e-mail. That was done immediately.

However DSFR President and IDSF Presidium member, Mr.Pavel Dorokhov, spreads out information that the championship in Assen is an IDU competition and that all IDSF judges and couples taking part in it will be disqualifies according to the IDSF Press Release 09/2005 from August 5, 2005. Since I found no information proving it at the IDSF web sites I had to address to you for clarification of the issue. I value my authority and I wouldn’t like to become a victim of circumstances, intrigues or provocation.

I will note that from year to year the increasing number of Russian couples takes part in the Dutch open championships in Assen and treats it like the real feast of the dance sport. Many athletes with limited financial abilities choose this very championship about a year before it as the foreign competition to take part in. According to the information I possess everybody has already bought the tickets, booked and paid for the hotel in Holland already long ago in advance. Therefore, if the status of the Dutch Open Championships is changed to the worse now, this will arouse a flurry of indignation.

Dear Mr.Freitag,

I am looking forward to receiving your reply and I would appreciate if it is a prompt one.

Best regards,
Peter Chebotarev
IDSF Judge (License A)