DANS 2005: ответ Mr. Carlos Freitag Петру Чеботареву (04.11.2005)

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Mr. Peter Chebotarev

Thank you for your Fax. After speaking to the Managing Committee of IDSF, we can confirm Mr. Dorokhovs point of view.

Please do not attend the Dutch Open as judge.

And if your couples have at this moment purchased the correspondent tickets, we can not stop them to go.

They will not be punished because of this event. But please try to not send new couples to this event.

The Dutch event is hold together with IDU and the IDSF policy is that our members should not participate with the IDU Dancesport competition.

In this specific case, we only learned that the 2005 Dutch Open was advertised as Open to IDU, some days ago.

Best regards,
Carlos Freitag
General Secretary of IDSF