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Huang Chen Wei

Просмотров: 78

Год рождения: 1985

Город: Shanghai, Китай

Рост: 183 см

Класс: St (Profi)

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I am from Shanghai, China, and my best score on global competition was 2019 Blackpool-China Amateur place 21. I am in WDC system and my teacher is Victor Fung in USA and my coach is from USA, My goal is Blackpool England Amateur top 48. I would like to have a long term girl partner who is around 170cm high and could be also stable and because I am Chinese and does not live in Russia, so I wish the girl could relocate to my city, because I have stable jobs so i can finance support the girls living in my city and can also introduce the girl jobs here. If someone would like to try, we can first meet in Russia or my country for test and can also establish our conversion to know more details.

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