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Lilly Cantineau

Просмотров: 601

Год рождения: 2007

Город: Colmar, Франция

Рост: 146 см

Класс: St (D), La (C)

Клуб: Brangbour Wilkinson

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Lilly, will turn 11 in July 2018, lifes dance fervently intensely. She looks for her new dance partner junior 1 to prepare at once the next season and to built a hight level couple. Ambitious, hard-working and motivated, her is trainning 3 hours every day! She measures 1,46m (wos). She started the Latin dance in 2015. His prize list today is: Champion of Latin Dance 2016 /2017/2018 Big East juvénile 2; Vice-champion of Latin France 2016 /2017/2018 juvénile 2; 3th in the open WDSF of Pieve Di Cento 2017 juvénile 2 (Italy); 4th in the open WDSF of Pieve Di Cento 2018 juvénile 2 (Italy); 1st WDSF Thessalonica Danse Festival 2017 juvénile 2 (Greece); 2nd WDSF Thessalonica Danse Festival 2017 Junior 1 (Greece); Several finalist's places in national Open juvénile junior; always 1st juveile 2 national competitions. Lilly is training to the dance school BRANGBOUR WILKINSON in Colmar (France), with Franck BRANGBOUR (coach and international judge) and Joanne WILKINSON (double world champion, coach and international judge). Lilly can share her passion only in the respect with a partner having identical ambitions and motivations. the futur partner must have full parental support and no financial problem. Private lesson, training camp and international tournament. Please call Franck. Video: The latin french championships 2018 (black dress number 066 juvenile 2, 4mn 30sec to 11mn 36sec).

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